Time to feel write

In this busy digital age, it is so easy to become distracted: we can fill our days staring at screens and scrolling through information. There is so much ‘noise’ and visual stimulation that we often forget to check in with ourselves.


It’s easy to use these distractions as a way of avoiding unresolved issues. But these issues will not go away on their own; they lurk around like heavy shadows, dragging our energy levels down, and turning up whenever we are quiet or caught off-guard. James Pennebaker, one of the pioneers of therapeutic writing, explained that it takes a lot more mental energy to ‘not think’ about something, than it does to write about it and process it.


I believe that the experience of writing is beneficial for everyone, and needs no prior skill. We have everything we need in terms of resources — all that is required is the ability to listen to our internal voice or emotions, time and space for reflection, and a pen and paper. You can become your own counsellor and write about things that are difficult, confusing, or unspeakable. But therapeutic writing is not just for dealing with the past: it’s also an invaluable tool for negotiating the future and developing the best ever version of yourself.


We have, perhaps, forgotten to trust in our own capacity to find solutions, or to understand how we really feel. Therapeutic writing, or writing for wellbeing, is a powerful practice that can help you to reconnect with yourself and your core values; to regain a sense of purpose; and to help process and recover from traumatic or painful events.

How I can help

I run courses and workshops for a variety of participants and settings; I also run personalised writing sessions and mentoring via Skype or Face Time.

Please take a look at my Courses page for further information, to see what courses and workshops are on the horizon. If you would like me to create a course for a specific setting or location, then please feel free to contact me.

Testimonials from Workshop Attendees

It was fun and well-needed, thank you 🙂



The workshop was inclusive of everyone and created a fun environment.



Very warm, welcoming, approach. Made us feel relaxed and safe quickly and with the freedom to experiment and be playful. Good for stressed-out professionals!



Tee was very warm, clear and empathic. It felt very uplifting.