What is Therapeutic Writing?

What is Therapeutic Writing?

Therapeutic writing — sometimes called expressive writing, writing for wellbeing, or creative writing for therapeutic purposes (CWTP) — is as varied as the writer’s imagination. It can take the form of poetry, prose, dialogues or journal writing. The writing can include art, and may be prompted by memory, objects, music, nature, or other poems—in fact, absolutely anything that gets you writing expressively and authentically. It is not at all about producing something publishable, it is about the process, or journey.

Sometimes, writing something that seems quite straightforward when you’re writing it, can take on an emotional charge when you read it aloud, or back to yourself. Hearing your own words from a different perspective can be powerful and cathartic. Even the simplest of writing tasks can uncover memories and emotions that have escaped the cognitive radar for years. I speak from experience!

There is a growing body of evidence which has proven that therapeutic writing can promote healing, prevent illness, help to resolve grief and past trauma, improve the immune system and improve and promote wellbeing.

What can I expect when I attend a weekly workshop?

You can expect to be welcomed into a small group of up to eight people. To ensure your safety, we discuss group boundaries and privacy.

The group is not competitive: it is a safe, non-judgemental, space where you can explore your sense of self. You do not have to share what you have written, but you will be given the opportunity to read, or talk about your experience of the writing exercise, if you wish.

You will be encouraged to reflect on what has come up for you, and given the tools to develop this skill, not just on the course, but in your life ahead.

You will discover the power of words, and learn how to turn journaling into a super-power! In addition, you will be given a list of useful resources that will help to develop your understanding and autonomy as you embark on your journey towards realising your true potential.

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